Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue focuses on callers who are at risk of suicide. The course explores the skills that are critical to responding to thoughts around suicide ideation and identifying the callers to your helpline who are at immediate risk.





We commence with an overview on prevalence and factors that can contribute to the vulnerability of a caller. Identifying the possible signs presented by a caller and how we can best respond. This practical, skills orientated course aims to develop confidence so you are able to respond and support callers.

Our courses are available for individual attendance or we can deliver a bespoke course for your team.

You may also be interested in our Suicide Prevention Guidance. Developed to provide guidance on how to respond and support someone with suicidal thoughts. 

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Course Information


  • This is a one day course 
  • We aim to deliver all the key components to respond to a caller who shares their suicidal thoughts. 
  • The course is ideal for a team who may respond to complex calls, callers who are distressed or emotional,
  • We aim for a maximum of 12 participants per course
  • We can deliver this online or in person
  • Our fee for one participant is £95
  • We offer a group booking fee for more than ten participants
  • Our regular course time is from 10.00am till 4.00pm, with break for lunch and comfort.
  • Each course is supported with a workbook
  • Our courses aim to be engaging and interactive. We use a range of tools; animations, sound clips, case studies, quiz and discussions. 
  • We can be flexible on all aspects of the course. Please do email  to arrange for a chat on the content and or dates for delivery of this course. 



Course Programme for Suicide Prevention and responding to a caller

If you are interested in helpline skills training in London and online, contact us at Authentic Responses to find out more about Beyond Blue.

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