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It is never as easy as 1,2,3. Setting up a service can be demanding, time consuming and hectic. There are many different components to create and complete before a service is live. We are offering this session to provide a framework to ensure all the different segments of a service are considered.





This can be opportunity to work with others in a similar position or to work through how you would like your service to be delivered. The session will provide time to consider how you will support your staff, which channels to deliver and the policies and procedures required to ensure they work for your service.

Our courses are available for individual attendance or we can deliver a bespoke course for your team.

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Course Information


  • This is a one day course 
  • We aim to deliver all the key components to set up and establish a helpline. 
  • The course is ideal for someone considering setting a new remote service or we can tailor the day if you need assistance re-defining your service. 
  • We offer an individual consultation or you can bring your whole team along
  • We can deliver this online or in person
  • Our fee for one participant is £195
  • We offer a group booking fee
  • Our regular course time is from 10.00am till 4.00pm, with break for lunch and comfort.
  • Each course is supported with a workbook
  • Our courses aim to be engaging and interactive. 
  • We can be flexible on all aspects of the course. Please do email  to arrange for a chat on the content and or dates for delivery of this course. 



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If you are interested in helpline skills training in London and online, contact us at Authentic Responses to find out more about our Helplines How to course.

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