Language of Livechat

Live chat is a unique channel, and it is becoming increasingly popular among both service users and organisations. Our course provides the knowledge for helpline workers to response to their live chats. It covers the key differences between live chat and other channels and provides attendees with techniques to master these unique channel characteristics. Helpline workers will learn how to structure a live chat conversation and practice techniques to identify and respond to their service user's needs. Our course addresses the threads that run through a conversation to ensure a consistent quality engagement.





Language of Livechat is a one day interactive skills training course; perfect for those who have a launched a livechat channel and would like to train their staff and volunteers in engaging with service users. It can also be valuable to those who are looking to refresh their knowledge and key skills.  The course provides an introduction to the core skills you will need to develop such as active listening, questioning techniques, live chat structure and how to end a chat.

We also focus on the threads which run through a conversation; language, tone, assumptions, boundaries.  

We'll provide you with techniques to respond using your communication skills training to enable a positive chat engagement.

Our courses are available for individual attendance or we can deliver a bespoke course for your team.

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Course Information


  • This is a one day course 
  • We deliver a comprehensive guide to the key skills to respond to live chat received on a remote service. 
  • This course is ideal for a new starter or someone looking to refresher their skills. Ideal for teams who want to deliver a consistent approach.
  • We aim for a maximum of 12 participants per course
  • We can deliver this online or in person
  • Our fee for one participant is £95
  • We offer a group booking fee for more than ten participants
  • Our regular course time is from 10.00am till 4.00pm, with break for lunch and comfort.
  • Each course is supported with a workbook
  • Our courses aim to be engaging and interactive. We use a range of tools; animations, sound clips, case studies, quiz and discussions. 
  • We can be flexible on all aspects of the course. Please do email to arrange for a chat on the content, or dates for delivery of this course.



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If you are interested in helpline skills training in London and online, contact us at Authentic Responses to find out more about Language of Livechat.

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