Optimising Your Outcomes 

In Optimising your Outcomes we examine your quantitative and qualitative call data and how these can provide insights into your callers. We explore current methods of measuring outcomes such as caller surveys and feedback calls. Each technique has its own advantages, and we'll look at how it can be best utilised to be most effective for your organisation.





Working with case studies to explore different data collection, how these can help capture outcomes, and in turn define the helpline's impact. A practical interactive driven course to gain a comprehensive understanding of how best to maximise the data gained from callers.

Our courses are available for individual attendance or we can deliver a bespoke course for your team.

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Course Information


  • This is a one day course 
  • We aim to deliver all the key components to consider your data collection and impact practice
  • This course can be tailored to the service 
  • We aim for a maximum of 12 participants per course
  • We can deliver this online or in person
  • Our fee for one participant is £95
  • We offer a group booking fee for more than ten participants
  • Our regular course time is from 10.00am till 4.00pm, with break for lunch and comfort.
  • Each course is supported with a workbook
  • Our courses aim to be engaging and interactive. 
  • We can be flexible on all aspects of the course. Please do email  to arrange for a chat on the content and or dates for delivery of this course. 


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