Our webinar series will provide a quick deep dive by shining a spotlight on key topics or sharing knowledge on a support or response mechanism. We commence with differentiating between your personal and professional boundaries and the importance of self-care. Each session is 40mins long. The webinars are complimented with out support surgery to look in more details at an issue specific to you. 





It can often be helpful to have a better understanding of the key components of working on a helpline. Our webinars are full of practical information to assist you in your working and personal arenas. We aim to provide key information, share stories and our insights in a friendly safe space. 

Our courses provide more in depth information and knowledge and are available for individual attendance or we can deliver a bespoke course for your team.

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Self Care

17th July
14th August
12th Sept
10th Oct
14th Nov
12th Dec


10th July
7th August
5th Sept
3rd Oct
7th Nov
5th Dec






Please book your place to attend these FREE webinars. Our webinars are 40 minutes. Combining presentation and an opportunity to ask questions. Webinar commence at 12noon 

Self Care Webinar:  We review the eight components of self care.

Boundaries Webinar: What are boundaries, how do we maintain them. How can we implement boundaries. 

If you would like to attend, please email priya@authenticresponses.co.uk to reserve your spot. 




If you are interested in helpline skills training in London and online, contact us at Authentic Responses to find out more about our webinars.

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