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Insights, observations and news from within the helpline and voluntary sector.

Insights, observations and news from within the helpline and voluntary sector.


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How aware as you?

Someone mentioned it should be called 'mental health fitness'. That just like our physical health we all need a mental health workout.  more  

The brain needs novelty to work

Who wants boring powerpoint slides as the only option to deliver content. We all need new, engaging content, ideas, methods to enable learners to absorb concepts and knowledge.   more  

Stress aware!

A sense of community is important to feel connected. Helplines often offer a connection for those who are isolated or lonely but we also need to look after the ones delivering the ...  more  

Have you felt like this before?

Just one of the questions we can ask anyone who might share they have suicidal thoughts.  more  

Who doesn’t love a good joke?

There is mounting evidence about all the positive things laughter can do for our mental and physical health.   more  

How can reflection help build your resilience

Its important to consider how we respond to callers. Reflecting on your practice can build your resilience. If we work on ourselves, help ourselves we can continue to help others.   more  

Create your own self care plan

An effective self-care plan should be tailored to your life and your needs. It needs to be something created by you, for you.  more  

Marketing ploy or reality?

The first month of the new year can be positive, exciting or challenging and sad. It really does depend on what is happening for you.   more  

Consider your response

It can be helpful to consider your responses before you commence on a service. Callers can often ask questions that may cross a boundary.   more  

Going Beyond

Is there a place to go when you want to further your skills in responding?  more