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Insights, observations and news

Insights, observations and news


World Suicide Prevention Day

Our new Suicide Prevention Guide: Understand, Respond and Support is available to download.   more  


Has the cost of living crisis had an impact on volunteer recruitment?   more  

Obvious but often not considered

Small changes to bring more light into our day to day practice  more  

Happy New Year

Here we go again...another year and perhaps another new start? I'm a big fan of New the festive feel, the idea we can start afresh even if we carry on doing all the b...  more  

Words have Power

Personification, Onomatopoeia, Imagery, Metaphors are just a few examples of literacy devices. Why did we then decided to use Alliteration for our course titles  more  

Why is self care so important

Ever wondered the benefits of self care?   more  

Boom, sparkle, pop, fizz...

How can a helpline worker shine a light for a caller  more  

Taking off the training wheels

Its time to take off the training wheels. We've spent the last few months developing our courses and are now ready to invite participants. Our aim is to provide an engaging, intera...  more  

The tiny kernel finally popped!

Welcome to our new website, new company and old values. Bringing together over fifteen years of training delivery into one place.   more