Today and tomorrow there will be a festival of light in the sky where I live, as our local community celebrates Diwali, and the local park will resume the annual Guy’s Fawkes Night fireworks display.

Life can sometimes be like fireworks; beautiful light sparkling elements that leave positive charges for you and other times, a loud unexpected noise or a sudden burst that is not always welcomed.

Its when we have these unexpected changes or that blimp in our lives that sometimes we need an outside perspective, a listening ear without judgement. #Helplines are fantastic at providing a range of services to those who experience that unexpected blimp.

Why does someone call a telephone helpline?

Often its because they are looking for words of wisdom, support, a kind voice, reassurance, an authentic response. Helpline workers are invaluable in creating the space for a caller to vent, discuss next steps and consider options. Helpline workers can often shine a light for the caller.

How to helpline workers do this?

By attending our #communication skills course that uses those life experiences, case studies, sound clips, and animations to fine tune the key skills required to respond.

Happy times to all those celebrating