Happy New Year!!! Wishing all a fantastic start to 2022

I always make a few New Year’s resolutions and even though some fail very quickly I do enjoy making them. Why?

I like the intention behind them, the idea that I’m here and I’d like to achieve, apply, change, improve to a different position.

It feels like a positive step and the step can be as small as you want. I know for some, it might be ‘find a new job’ or ‘take the promotion’ and some years, the resolutions I made were big ones and in other years I have made little switches that have worked and made an enormous difference.

To me, resolutions are about being positive, and the positivity aids the motivation. The motivation can also carry others with you.

One of my resolutions this year is to add another bow to the string – complete a new course, upskill myself. I’m not sure, it be a career changing course, but I feel it will increase my knowledge and help me stay current. It is also important to practise what you preach, right!

We are starting the new year with three courses fully booked and it’s a fantastic start. Our challenge for the year is to continue raising our profile within the sector, build new connections and develop new courses. All in addition to delivering the current range of courses. It is definitely going to be busy!!

Drop us a line if you are interested in any of the courses or just want a chat


Photo credit crazynana from unsplashed