With my ducks no longer in a neat and tidy row, the tiny kernel has finally popped. Kismet: the aligning or in my case, the non-aligning of the stars has meant that after many years of freelance work I am now formalising a business approach that I have applied for over fifteen years of work in the voluntary and helpline sector.

Authentic Responses will delivers skills training to those working or volunteering in the helpline sector. Pulling together years of engagement and training delivery, to provide interactive training supported by an e-learning platform. Combining the best of face-to-face training with remote access to all content via our website. The course programmes include communication skills training, webinars, and support surgeries.

All the training courses have been written with the participant at the core; how do we learn, what is interesting, relevant, and accessible. Hence our training programme commences online, open to all who are interested, and we can offer bespoke programmes, if you would like your whole team to attend at the same time. Our webinars aim to focus on key issues, and we provide free support surgeries if you like to discuss a specific topic.