Who remembers having a stress ball? Or, you might have one on your desk.

I remember having a few, collected from various fairs, conferences and instead of squeezing it I often use to play catch with it, bouncing it against the wall.

I was thinking about quick wins, and this was the first thing that popped into my head. I'd often ping the ball about after a call or while I was working something out in my head. It was a great little distraction – I could switch off for a few minutes and then re-focus on the next task.

Why am I sharing this? Well, I have been creating a list of quick wins, ways to de-stress, re-focus after a call and my list includes the following

????Walk about, stretch, a few yoga poses, five-star jumps
??Peel an orange, citrus fruit – a healthy snack and the orangery smell can be revitalising
?? Watch a gif, meme, something funny, without going into the rabbit hole that is youtube
???Write down how you feel.
???Chat to someone
??Have a hot drink – the idea being it takes ten minutes, by the time you make the drink and its cool enough to consume.
?Tackle wordle, suduko, crossword
?? Stare out into the garden or street – consider it your neighbourhood watch duty
??Squeeze a stress ball

What have I missed? What do you do as a quick win?