The role of reflection in developing resilience

When burdened by work related stress, our resilience is reduced, and we feel that we struggle to cope.

Resilience is defined as being able to adapt in the face of, often severe, difficulty (see Masten and Powell, 2003). It is a dynamic developmental process and is studied by looking at how competence develops in the face of adversity. When people’s adaptive abilities are in good working order, they can withstand hardship, but when they are stressed or overloaded this becomes more difficult. There is the potential for #burnout or vicarious trauma.

This can happen on to those working on #helplines that are responding to some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Listening to distress, repeatedly engaging in traumatic stories, unable to find the next organisation that can assist can lead to feeling discouraged or hopeless.

Our Reflection and #Resilience training course is a deep dive into the role of reflection in developing resilience. Addressing our working patterns, the factors that combine to make us feel vulnerable or stress. We consider the benefits and importance of resilience and together develop a resilience toolkit for ongoing work.

We are passionate about making sure that those who provide support, advice, a listening ear are best equipped to respond to these challenging calls. #selfcare #helplines

Photo - Vince Fleming via Unsplash