What makes a successful training course?

We’ve spent a lot of time considering this and are super excited to launch our flagship course: Comprehensive Communication.

We want you to spend your day with us engaged, active, interested and contributing to all the sessions. Our materials include the use animations, sound clips, case studies, polls, workbook, and trainer knowledge to enable you to feel confident in your skills and knowledge.

As with any training programme we have mapped out journey to the ‘Training Cycle’, where the actual training delivery is somewhere in fourth section of the model– implement the design.

We completed the Assess and Analyse needs by assessing the current training provision available, can we meet a different need in the sector and what do participants want.  In addition to the one day training courses we have free webinars and support surgeries.  We hope our new e-learning hub launching soon will fill a gap in the market.

We want to accomplish an engaging training session, this is our training objective, and we want participants to come away feeling confident and knowledgeable, this is our learning objective.

How did we design the courses? Utilizing all the tools we could. Reading materials for the reflective learners, animations, and sound clips for the audio digital learners. Our groups are limited to 12 to enable individual participation, small group work and hopefully a cross section of those working in the sector. For the moment, its all online, remote access, so anyone anywhere can join in.

Implementing the design – this we are waiting to see. Our first course in November is booked with participants. We have a few spots available, so book your place. Then we will be able to evaluate the performance.