Words have power. I choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement and to inspire. I also hope the words we have chosen are clear and convey our message. Helpline skills training includes many different areas and as we grow we want to continue as we have began. 

With intent we went with the use of alliteration to name our courses. The sing song of the repetition of the initial sounds to convey what we feel our courses encompass.

• Comprehensive Communication – a two-day course providing you with all the key skills and knowledge, a complete through insight into how we communicate via the telephone.

• Reflection and Resilience – looking at our practice, how we engage and respond and then the impact of this. How to build our resilience for responding to challenging calls and what we can do to look after ourselves.

• Beyond Blue – responding to those who are vulnerable, have suicidal thoughts and how we can respond with care and compassion.

• Helplines.. How to – how do you set up a new helpline service, addressing all the different components.

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