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Find Your Authentic Voice

About Our Helpline Skills Training in London & Online

Our philosophy is to help you express your authentic voice. We provide the tools and knowledge you need to make the best engagements when you respond to someone. Working in partnership with Kiltti, our aim is to deliver a suite of holistic training to enable you to develop your skills and acquire the knowledge required for a quality interaction. Every organisation is unique and our training reflects this. We recognise the sector is diverse and responds to a range of issues with the support of a team of paid workers or volunteers. Our aim is to enable you to make a connection with your caller and provide the response that is required with authenticity and confidence.

We are very mindful of our operator training. Our instructors have over 15 years of experience working in the helpline sector. Flexibility and trust underpin our work and we deliver our training in a facilitative style that is engaging and effective.

We're passionate about our work and we're always available to provide informal support and information.

Our courses are available for individual attendance or we can deliver a bespoke course for your team. If you have a question or would like to learn more about helpline skills training in London and online, you can send us a message via the contact us button below


Our Support

Our free support surgery is an excellent opportunity to talk through all helpline issues with specialists who have delivered and managed services. We can provide an objective insight based on our experience and experience of supporting other helplines. It can often be helpful to have another view, and our support surgeries are your opportunity to ask a question. Each 45 minute session is an individual consultation with the aim to cover one question. Previous conversations with helpline officers and managers have covered; how to manage a repeat caller, what to include in a volunteer induction programme or how many responses are required to collect to make a survey viable.




 Our Forum for Helpline Managers

A confidential space for all those who manage a helpline service. You may be a team leader, manager, information lead or volunteer manager. If you are working or volunteering on a helpline service, supporting a team and would like to chat about a concern, views on a new development, ask for information then the Helpline Managers Forum is a free confidential space led by those attending. An online meeting held on the last Wednesday of the month, please click on the date of the meeting you would like to attend and send us a message to hold your space.

The current schedule for meeting dates is;

31st 28th 25th 30th
July Aug Sept Oct
2024 2024 2024 2024


Please contact us to join the Helpline Managers Forum or to book a support surgery

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If you have any questions about our helpline skills training in London and online, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Authentic Responses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access online training/the E-Learning Hub?

When you have signed up to a course, we will send you an invitation that will give you access.

How are courses structured?

Courses take place from 10am to 4pm with regular breaks.

How do classes take place?

Your instructor will present the course using a whiteboard as well as PowerPoint presentations.

Do I need to prepare anything?

No. If you have issues or questions you would like to discuss in a shared space, you are welcome to bring these up.

What technology do I need?

You will need a secure internet connection, preferably on a laptop or PC.

What should I do if I cannot access a course?

Please contact us at Authentic Responses and your facilitator will be able to help you.

What should I do if I want to re-visit a part of the course?

All course materials will be available on the E-Learning Hub. You will have access to this for three months if you have attended an Authentic Responses course.

Are courses accredited?

No, but we hope to have them accredited in the very near future.

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Reflection and Resilience Course Feedback...

Priya was excellent and I really enjoyed the session and Priya gave us all a chance to share and reflect which helped us grow together as a team. Carers Wales   |   August 2022  |  

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