Authentic Responses is a helpline skills training agency based in London. We help organisations and individuals engage and connect with callers in a safe and positive manner. We run a number of operator training courses that will help you assist the distressed, manage your mental health and evaluate your calls.


Combat Stress with Kindness

Kindness releases the body’s ‘happy hormones’ – such as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins – which can counteract the physical effects of stress and bring on the feeling...  more  

Bounce Back from Burnout

Burnout can affect anyone. We look at the definition, how it is different to other forms of work related fatigue and trauma and tips on how to recover from it. Ideal for those work...  more  

Language of Livechat

Language of Livechat is a one day interactive skills training course; perfect for those who have a launched a livechat channel and would like to train their staff and volunteers in...  more  


Our free webinar at Authentic Responses are an excellent opportunity for a taster session on a hot topic or to find out more about our training style.   more  

Helplines... How To

Setting up a service can be demanding, time consuming and hectic. If you are interested in helpline skills training in London and online, contact us at Authentic Responses to find ...  more  

Vicarious Trauma

Compassion Fatigue, Burnout or Vicarious Trauma can all impact helpline workers who are responding to complex calls. This course addressed what are the risks and how we can mitigat...  more  

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue focuses on callers who are at risk of suicide. The course address how to respond to suicide callers to your helpline. If you are interested in helpline skills training ...  more  

Optimising your Outcomes

In Optimising your Outcomes we examine your quantitative and qualitative call data and how these can provide insights into your callers. If you are interested in helpline skills tr...  more  

Reflection and Resilience

Reflection and Resilience is a programme that is focused on you. We address the impact of responding to challenging calls. If you are interested in helpline skills training in Lond...  more  

Comprehensive Communication

Comprehensive Communication is a two day interactive helpline skills training course; perfect for those new to the helpline sector, as well as those who are looking to refresh thei...  more