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Insights, observations and news

Insights, observations and news


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Spin the Wheel of Wellness

Are all of your eight components well balanced? Or does one or two need tweaking. Consider the wellness wheel to bring back balance  more  

World Suicide Prevention Day

Our new Suicide Prevention Guide: Understand, Respond and Support is available to download.   more  

Stress balls and more

How can we quickly de-stress after a call. Bouncing a ball, cup of tea, chatting to colleagues are all ways to off load.   more  


Has the cost of living crisis had an impact on volunteer recruitment?   more  

How do you respond authentically?

What makes an authentic response so different?  more  

How much do you flex?

How can we make the volunteering experience applicable to all?  more  

Obvious but often not considered

Small changes to bring more light into our day to day practice  more  

How aware as you?

Someone mentioned it should be called 'mental health fitness'. That just like our physical health we all need a mental health workout.  more  

The brain needs novelty to work

Who wants boring powerpoint slides as the only option to deliver content. We all need new, engaging content, ideas, methods to enable learners to absorb concepts and knowledge.   more  

Stress aware!

A sense of community is important to feel connected. Helplines often offer a connection for those who are isolated or lonely but we also need to look after the ones delivering the ...  more